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Rudding Park Harrogate Spa

Men's Spa Treatments

Whilst all our treatments can be performed on gentlemen, we have developed a menu of men's spa treatments specifically for you.

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All peak period bookings are subject to an additional £15 charge. This charge also applies to all bank holiday Mondays in 2015.

Intense Muscle Release - Body

Rudding Park Harrogate Spa

25 minutes* or 50 minutes - £32 or £60

This highly restorative targeted massage uses a blend of ginger and black pepper to stimulate the circulation and warm muscles. Specific massage techniques help to relieve tired, stressed and aching muscles.

Mineral Hammam Experience - Body

Rudding Park Harrogate Spa

1 hour 15 minutes - £84

Begin with a full body scrub performed on the heated Hammam table. The body is then coated in a rich detoxifying cream mud, whilst a relaxing head massage soothes tension. To finish a stress relieving back massage completes a top to toe grooming package.

Aromatherapy Experience - Body

50 minutes OR 1 hour 15 minutes - £60 or £84

Powerful aromatherapy oil blends are carefully selected dependant on your requirements.

Specialised aromatherapy movements and neuromuscular techniques work to dissolve stress and tension, for a truly therapeutic experience.

Skin Solutions - Face

Rudding Park Harrogate Spa

1 hour - £67

Tailored for either dry, sensitive or oily skin dependant on your requirements on the day. You will experience a facial massage using a range of products that will buff and brighten your skin.

Hand Maintenance - Hands and Feet

Rudding Park Harrogate Spa

25 minutes - £29

The arms and hands are exfoliated and massaged, nails and cuticles are tidied and nourished before being buffed to leave hands looking as good as new.

Foot Maintenance - Hands and Feet

Rudding Park Spa Hotel Harrogate

40 minutes - £41

This energising treatment helps to ease tired and aching soles. Feet are scrubbed and polished, nails and cuticles tidied followed by a foot and lower leg massage to relax and soften hard skin.

Package Treatments

Rudding Park Harrogate Spa

1 hour 30 minutes - £110

After your steam experience start with a full body scrub, then ease away tension in the back, neck and shoulders with a muscle relaxing back massage. Cleanse, exfoliate and refresh the skin on your face and experience a relaxing head, neck and scalp massage to revive the mind. Complete your experience with a pressure point foot massage to refresh and revitalise the body.

Skin Soothing Facial

Rudding Park Harrogate Spa

1 hour - £65

This treatment is especially beneficial for sensitive or stressed skin. Using a combination of gentle brush strokes and smooth pebbles, the face is cleansed before being enriched with an application of prebiotic cream that helps build up the natural micro flora of the skin. The treatment is finished with a cooling facial massage to encourage natural radiance.

The Refinery Essential Facial

Rudding Park Harrogate Spa

1 hour - £64

When time is short and you need to look your best, this deep cleansing and brightening facial will leave your skin looking clean and luminous.

The Refinery Ultimate Face and Body Treatment

Rudding Park Harrogate Spa

1 hour 15 minutes - £75

Achieve a heightened state of relaxation and well-being. Begin your experience with a back cleanse and exfoliation. Continue the journey with a stress relieving back massage and therapeutic Ayurvedic scalp massage to pinpoint areas of tension, bringing relief to tired or aching muscles. The treatment concludes with a deep cleansing facial using a sophisticated blend of the finest essential oils and effective, natural botanicals unique to the Aromatherapy Associate Refinery range. Your skin is rebalanced, leaving it bright, supple and refreshed.